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RF Mini Controller, 12A-12V


RF MINI Controller


RF Type-Remote Controller

nput voltage: 5V-24V/DC 
Working current: 12A 
Output : 3 channels, common anode connection 
Overall dimension: 1.6(L) x 0.5(W) x 0.2(H) inch 
Female connector on the other side for connecting with power supply 
Function buttons on RF remote: 
ON / Standby: to turn ON or switch to standby mode. 
MODE+ / MODE: Dynamic mode adjustment. Switch to dynamic mode from static color mode, or change between dynamic modes. 
SPEED+ / SPEED: Adjust speed in dynamic mode for 5 levels. 
COLOR+ / COLOR: Static color adjustment. Switch to static color from dynamic mode, or between static colors, 20 static colors. 
BRIGHT+ / BRIGHT: adjust static color brightness. Strip will switch to static color if press it at dynamic mode. 
DEMO: switch to Demo mode. At Demo mode, strip will cycle 9 dynamic modes and 3 times for each mode. 
Caution: RF remote is driven by 3V CR2025 button battery. Please try to replace with the same type battery.