Systems give lighting designers all the creative flexibility they could wish for, and at the same time offer enormous savings in an energy use.

LED Linear Curved

Stylish Lighting System, through the sublimation from straight line to curve, transformation
from 2D to 3D, linear lighting is brought with a brand-new revolutionary experience.
The straight and curve basic modules are utilized to produce various circular luminaires,
interconnect curves freely and intersperse combined structure randomly.
Limitless possibilities produce limitless imagination.
The flowing light shuttles back and forth along the edge of ceilings, wall and floors,
creating thousands of styles and opening new illumination horizons.




Linear LED Light

Led linear light is exclusively designed for designer and architect with imagination
and personal style.
Led linear light adopt premium aluminum profile, different dimension and size,easy
to install.
3 types installation method: ceiling mounted type, suspended type,and different
customized dimensions are also acceptable, which can meet installation requirement
of different fields and occasions.


Flexible LED Light

Smallest profile of the Linear LED lights, it is also the most flexible with the
smallest cut mark.
Suitable for fine detailed work including signage, architectural features and



Custom led linear

Custom led linear is ideal for demanding retail, food service and utility
applications such as consumer retail, restaurant menu boards, movie poster
displays, jewelry stores, trade shows, office lobbies and conference, hanging
from overhead



Wall Washer Light

Let the light like water washed walls, is largely used for architectural lighting
purposes, as well as to outline the contours of large buildings! As the LED
energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, color-rich, long life and other
characteristics, so now the other wall washer light LED wall washer gradually
being replaced.



LED flood light

LED flood light is designed for indoor and outdoor applications, including
Billboard lighting, Sport lighting, and Parking Lots.
It is an energy-saving replacement for traditional flood light.