LED Sign

Our LED Signs Are Without Doubt The Most Eye-Catching And Versatile Signs You Can Have For Your Business.

Indoor Fullcolor LED Sign

NES Light LED displays let you build a videowall that’s completely seamless and
adapts to almost any wall dimension, shape or curve.
With greater brightness and a wider viewing angle than LCD, there’s almost no
limit to the kind of installation you can create.


Outdoor Fullcolor LED Sign

Learn more about using digital signs to boost sales and stand out in a
crowded marketplace.


ECO Silm Indoor & Outdoor

  • RGY : red and green light bulbs, will create the third color yellow.
  • RBP : red and blue light bulbs, will create the third color purple.
  • RWP : red and white light bulbs, will create the third color pink.

(only available in p15 & p20 modules)


The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green and
blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array
of colors.


LED Gas & Temperature Sign

LED gas & temperature signs have the wish list of features station owners and
operators have requested most, making them easy to install, maintain and operate.
They offer a bright fuel price display that can be changed safely, day or night,
with the included 5-button remote within a line-of-sight range of up to 200 feet.




Make More Bright on Your Business

P3 Stand Type Digital Signage


P3 Stand Type Digital Signage

P3 Stand Type Digital Signage is assure high definition and show effect.

Wide viewing angle 120/160°, perfect and impressive viewing effect.
Beautiful standard cabinet or your required cabinet, with aviation plug
& socket+ handle+ lock + side lock, easy to connect cabinets.
Good flatness cabinet with side lock, can make the screen show imagine
without splice.

Wide application, easy to operate, good refresh rate and grey scale,
powerful functions to support your need.
Skillful and strict assembly workmanship, can assure you high quality
guaranteed products.
All our products support 2 years warranty or more according to your

High quality IC selection: MBI5024/5035/5036/5039/5042,MBI5153
JXI5020, TLC59283 or other types you require.

Famous power supply selection: Meanwell, E-energy, Greatwall etc.,
CE, UL certified.